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Sustainable Energy

Renewable Energy Solutions in London & South East

Green Spark Electrical Contractors Ltd can supply and fit solar panels and energy storage systems.

Solar Panels & Energy Storage Systems

Solar panels and energy storage systems are technology that we used to collect and store energy generated by sunlight, this is done by converting the sunlight into electricity using photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity. Energy Storage Systems on the other hand are used to store any excess energy created in the day for use later on. For example, throughout the night or day where there is less sunlight.

This helps to reduce dependency on the grid meaning lower bills and more flexibility, if there is a blackout it may not affect you or your home as much as you are generating your own electricity! This technology is becoming much more popular because of these reasons as well as being environmentally friendly.


Solar Panels Supply & Fitting

Green Spark Electrical Contractors Ltd is a reputable company that provides high-quality solar panel supply and fitting services. We understand the importance of harnessing solar energy to reduce carbon emissions and lower energy costs.

We always use top-quality solar panels and the latest equipment to ensure that their clients receive the best solar panel solutions to meet their needs.

Our solar installation services will include consultations where we can assess your needs and suitability and try to provide you with a tailored solution, that works perfectly for yourself and property.

Solar Panel Installation
Energy from the sun on a city roof

Energy Storage Systems

There are lots of different cases you may require a full rewire, one of the most common is when a landlord's tenants vacate a property and have created an unsafe environment or after unfortunate events like floods or fires.

Get in Touch

Now you have a better idea of the domestic electrical services we offer throughout London & South East, get in touch to discuss your job and get a quote! We'd be happy to discuss our renewable energy solutions with you.

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